Roof Leaves Guard Gutter Brush
  • Roof  Leaves Guard Gutter Brush

Roof Leaves Guard Gutter Brush

  • MOQ: 200 m
  • Supply Capability: 1000 m / week
  • Port: SHANGHAI
  • Delivery: Due to the actual quantity
  • Packaging: Customized Cartons

What Is GutterBrush?

A simple, innovative leaf guard. A large cylinder shaped brush that fills rain gutters and protects them year round.  Prevents the buildup of leaves and debris while allowing water to flow.

Best Gutter Guard Features:

Effective barrier to leaves and debris

Easy installation - No screws, glues or tools needed to install

Easy removal for any maintenance or cleaning

Affordable - No need to spend thousand for gutter protection

Simple Design - Block Debris, Keep Gutters Flowing

Versatile - Can be used with any roof or gutter type.


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