Wooden Furniture Sanding Strip Brush
  • Wooden Furniture Sanding Strip Brush

Wooden Furniture Sanding Strip Brush

  • MOQ: 500 set
  • Supply Capability: 1000 set / week
  • Port: SHANGHAI
  • Delivery: Due to the actual quantity
  • Packaging: Cartons

  When choosing the proper sanding brush, several factors must be taken into account. Every application is different, and each application requires a certain brush. We supply each customer with the solution they need. Please contact us for your quote.

The factors to consider when choosing a sanding brush are:

Working on bare wood. 

When working on bare wood, one needs to consider the species of the work piece.Dense hardwoods like oak, maple, hickory, etc. will react differently to each abrasive grit when compared to softer hardwoods like alder, or white woods. Also consider the stage in production and the results you want. Do you need to remove knife marks left from your moulder, do you need to prepare the work piece for finishing?

Primer/Sealer sanding. 

You must consider the type of finish used. Hard coatings will require different brushes than softer coatings, for one.

Depth of profile.

Brush sanding can be used to sand anything from a flat MDF panel to the most detailed linear moldings and entry doors. In general, the deeper the profile, the higher the trim length of your sanding brushes. Do not“overshoot”the trim length.

Detail of profile. 

We account for the detail of your profile by using various sizes of flaps cut into the sandpaper. Typically a brush sanding head will have several different flap sizes so that all areas of your work piece will be sanded effectively.


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