All Purpose Power Scrubber Drill Brush Kit For bathroom, grout, tile, tub Cleaning
suitable for bathroom,bathtub,shower and tile cleaning Funiture,Carpet,Chairs,Glass and Leather
What is an iron strip brush
Iron brush, is arranged on the movable doors and windows, revolving door, sliding door, automatic door.
Central air conditioning ventilation duct cleaning
The basic procedures of central air-conditioning and ventilation pipe cleaning are as follows:
Common ways of deburring
This little thing burr although modest, but directly affects the quality of the product. So, in recent years, with the emphasis on the burr removal, deburring method is commonly used.Now emerge in an endless stream of trimming / deburring mainly such several kinds
Methods of using polishing brushes
Polishing brush is a kind of widely used brush products, mainly used for the surface of the polishing object for deburring, fine grinding processing, mainly by wire (Gang Si) as the framework above.
The function and application of disc brushes
The main function of the disc brush: the wire brush abrasive grinding / finishing / polishing / deburring effect;
The features of disc brushes
Dasion disc brush with high quality and reasonable price.Tell you some features of disc brush.
Capsule polishing sorting machine with spring brush
Experience of such kinds of material experiment, capsule polishing machine of the structure can be cast and the appearance of dust capsule, industrial brush is very soft, so it will not scratch the capsule appearance, active remove empty capsules, to prevent contact with the drug. The capsule polishing machine made by rejecting all 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel can be used, shape beautiful, clean without disassembly, cleaning tools, no dead.
How to clean brushes?
The brush is used for a long time, will be necessary to add a long brush cleaning service life, and the cleaning brush is also have certain knowledge, if the choice of cleaning agent and cleaning equipment is not appropriate, inappropriate, it may lead to rejection.
An important role in the life of the snow brush
A snow brush is industrial brush sweeping brush, one of the necessary tools and belongs to the road sweeping. Using snow sweeping brush can greatly reduce the manual input, reduce the most human city cleaning work, and greatly improve the effect of cleaning the snow.
rotary brush for cleaning machine
Manufacturing food machinery brush, glass cleaning brushes and mechanical galvanized plate industry washing machine brush roller.
Snow sweeper brush to high-end intelligent development
Snowplow brush is a sanitation brush, has its special purpose. In North China often snow, snow sweeper brush is a necessary tool for road cleaning, using snowploughs rate is increasing, although our snow sweeper brush in the technical field has not made a decisive breakthrough especially.
Selection of suitable steel wire brush roller is very important
Force brush roll strip directly affects the size of the cleaning effect and brush roll life. Generally by adjusting the pressure and pressure roller brush to brush roll under pressure. After brushing deformation in the metal surface under pressure.
Before Use brush roller cleaning machine,how to check?
Cleaning brush roller and roller brush cleaning machine, suitable for cleaning potatoes, carrots, sorting root vegetables and citrus fruit material, using food grade and food grade conveyor belt and cleaning brush, using a rotary brush with high-pressure spray, good cleaning effect, can thoroughly clean the surface of fruits and vegetables when people stains.
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