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  • Where to Buy Bottle Cleaning Brush?

    Where to Buy Bottle Cleaning Brush?

    January 22,2021.

    Recently, a customer from Sweden ask us for this kind of bottle cleaning brush, the brush with suction base, has a roller brush and side brush. The glass bottle mug Cleaner Brush is easy to use, just slide glassware between the two sets of bristles when you washing. The suction cup at the bottom, can be attached to the table, or attaches to the sink. At first, the Swedish customer ask for one brush sample. We sent a free sample to her. After received the sample, she was satisfied with our bottle cleaning brush sample. Then she order 100pcs glass washer brush at first. Now, the 100pcs glass cup Brush Cleaner is ready to ship. Hope her customer will like them. If you are looking for baby bottle cleaning brush and other home kitchen cleaning tools, send message to info@dasionbrush.com to get more information.

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  • Where to buy  fruit cleaning brush roller

    Where to buy fruit cleaning brush roller

    January 22,2021.

    Recently we received an inquiry named Mr Steve from Canada,He need the Egg Washing Brush for he Machine. Our Fruit Cleaning Brush Roller is a very broad application cleaning brush. Good cleaning capability, excellent polishing ability and fine durability, especially for fruit peeling, glass and vegetable cleaning, easy to use. And we accept custom sizes and materials,so you can change the size to suit your machine. Mr Steve need the Vegetables Cleaning Brush size is 60*10 cm.and because we are factory,the price is very favorable. Now Mr Steve has bought the Duck Egg Washing Machine Brush from us. If you also want to learn some details about the Egg Washing Machine With Roller Brush,you can contact us:info@dasionbrush.com

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  • Where To Choose Shoes Cleaning Brush For Your Different Kind Of Shoes?

    Where To Choose Shoes Cleaning Brush For Your Different Kind Of Shoes?

    January 15,2021.

    Recently, some American customers are looking for shoes brushes for their leather shoes, suede shoes, sneaker and mesh shoes. Today, Dasion recommend many different shoes brush for you. As a professional shoes brush manufacturer, Dasion have many different shoes brushes for you to choose. About the wooden handle shoes brushes, we have different material of handle for you to choose. Beech handle, walnut handle, oak handle and so on. As for brush bristle, we have horse hair, pig hair, soft pp bristle, hard pp bristle, nylon bristle and rubber for you to choose. Horse hair shoes brush and pig hair shoes brushes can buff your leather shoes. Soft pp shoes brush, hard pp shoes brush and nylon bristle shoes brush can cleaning your shoes, rubber shoes brush can cleaning your suede shoes. And if you need we also have shoes cloth for you. The following brushes is now our hot sale shoes brushes, the brush size is about 9.5*3*4cm. You can choose the bristle you like. And we also accept logo printed. So, do not spend too much time on looking for shoes brush supplier, welcome to Dasion brush to find shoes brushes. Looking forward to your contact. This is our email: info@dasionbrush.com

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  • Where to buy Garage Door Brush

    Where to buy Garage Door Brush

    January 15,2021.

    Recently We received an inquiry named Mr Cassy from America,He need the strip brush for he Garage. First we introduced our strip brush to him.There has Roller Door Seal Strip Brush,Garage Door Brush,Door Frame Sealing Strip Brush,Wooden Door Bottom Sweep,industrial door sweep brush and Escalator Stationary Skirt Brush. Strip brushes for different purposes have different materials and shapes.For Door seal strip brush,the material usually is PP,nylon,the shape has F and H,and for Escalator Safety Brush,the shape is M. Then according to the garage picture sent to us by Mr Cassy, we recommended our H-shaped and F-shaped strip brushes to him.The H-shaped is installed above the garage,The F-shaped is installed on both sides of the garage. After our introduction, Mr Cassy decided to buy samples. If you aslo need the strip brush,you can come to DASION brush,we not only has Door Seal Brush,Escalator Safety Brush but also Industrial Strip Brush.you can feel free to contact us:info@dasionbrush.com

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  • Where to Buy Electric Solar Panel Cleaning Brush?

    Where to Buy Electric Solar Panel Cleaning Brush?

    January 8,2021.

    Have you looking for solar panel cleaning brush? Welcome to dasion brush to find the telescopic pole electric solar panel cleaning brushes. Dasion has three kinds of electric solar panel cleaning equipment for you to choose. Single head solar panel cleaning brush, double head solar panel cleaning brush, and solar panel cleaning roller brush are good choose for you to chose. We have three models for electric solar panel cleaning brushes: power source model(power input:100-240v), lithium battery model(Battery life: 8-9h) and dual power supply model. When you cleaning large areas of solar panels, the photovoltaic electric cleaning brush with lithium battery model and dual power supply model are good choice for you. About the telescopic pole, there are also three length of pole for you to choose, 3.5m, 5.5m, 7.5m. Usually, the telescopic pole material is aluminum alloy, but now, in order to give you a better experience, we use carbon fiber  to make the 7.5m pole. We also have other kind of solar panel cleaning brush: water fed pole telescopic solar panel wash cleaning brush, and cleaning brush for solar panel cleaning robot. So, if you want to get more information, welcome to contact us. info@dasionbrush.com  

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  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas

    December 25,2020.

    Merry Christmas to all my lovely customers and freinds all over the world! Wish a good health and fortune in the coming 2021 !!! DASION BRUSH- will always help you to solve your cleaning problems and we are not just supplier, but your cleaning partner.  For the coming 2021, DASION is still on the way providing good quality solar panel brush, door seal brush, household cleaning brush which include but not limited to kitchen cleaning brush, floor sweeping brush and shoe cleaning brush. Also we offer tools for Garden cleaning and manitenance. Welcome for your consultation!!

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