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  • Where to customized special shape strip btush?

    Where to customized special shape strip btush?

    November 24,2021.

    Recently,Dasion Brush has received inquiry about strip brush from Canada’s Tom,he want to customized a special door seal brush. Tom’s requirement is that the brush is shorter than the aluminum sleeve,he wants to install on the window,he said he had asked other manufacturers before but they said it would not be tight. Through the data he gave: strip brush length: 112cm, aluminum sleeve length: 120cm, and then discussed by our technical department,we can do it. Next, we sent him the finished samples, and he was very satisfied, so we started to produce bulk goods.When we quickly produced it and sent it out, Tom praised our service and packaging after receiving it, because in order to prevent the bristles from being damaged, we all use plywood to pack, which can ensure that the goods are intact after delivery. Usually our strip brush is widely applied in all kinds of automatic doors,revolving door, sliding door, the elevator on the seal, and dusting, prevent the dust into the inside, as well as large industrial machinery cleaning, glass edge grinding machine, agricultural water seal, wind turbines, combine the internal storage cover seal and article washing machine brush, the brush is indispensable to modern industrial equipment small accessories. If you also have any special customization requirements for the strip brush, welcome to Dasion Brush:info@dasionbrush.com.

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  • See You In DASION'S Online Live Show In the 130th CANTON FAIR

    See You In DASION'S Online Live Show In the 130th CANTON FAIR

    October 12,2021.

    As Profeesional Buyer, I guess most of our customers heard about CANTON FAIR before! In this special 2021, the 130th Canton Fair comes from 15th,Oct to 19th,Oct. Our company-DASION BRUSH is so honored to get a booth again and below is the link for our offical website for you to check the products: https://ex.cantonfair.org.cn/pc/en/exhibitor/4ab00000-005f-5254-63e0-08d7ed7abba6/ Our Online live show schedule is just as below and you are welcome to choose the products you are interested and we have much bigger discount within the live room! 15th AM: Find the best Electric Spin Scrubber & Drill Brush 15th PM: Professional Solutions for Solar Panel Cleaning 16th PM: Household Cleaning Brushes Highly Recommended For you 17th PM:  Hot Sale Car Cleaning Brushes 18th PM:  Industrial Door Seal Brush & Fruit Washing Roller Brush 19th PM:  Amazon Hot Sale Shoe Cleaning Brush Kits Welcome for your Consultation !

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  • Where to Buy  Self-Suction Paint Brush?

    Where to Buy Self-Suction Paint Brush?

    September 30,2021.

    Some time ago, Dasion received some inquiries from customers in South America,They’re interested in our long-handled paint brush,So we introduced this self-suction paint brush to them in detail: This paint brush is detachable,Easy to install,the brush bristle material is cotton,the pole handle material is special PVC. This wall paint kit advantage is that the rod is extension,In addition to this,this product has another advantage: it has a 900ml tube to store paint,so it won’t stain the clothes and floor,it is evenly applied and can be reused.   It’s really a good tool that saves time, effort and money! Then we send the usage video to the customers,they all have a keen interest in this product.So after we arranged the samples and sent them out quickly, the customers gave us good comments when they continued to order:thanks for your brush,it’s really help us a lot! If you also want to learn about our paint tool,pls send the mail to us:info@dasionbrush.com

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  • Where to Customized Self-adhesive Strip Brush Pile?

    Where to Customized Self-adhesive Strip Brush Pile?

    September 18,2021.

    A few weeks ago, a American customer Mr. P, who from a company that provides building maintenance services contacted us and said that they needed to customize Self-adhesive Weather Pile. We provide different sizes of Self-adhesive door draught excluder brush, such as 7*8mm, 7*12cm, 7*23mm, 9*9mm, 9*15mm, 9*23mm and more. We can also customize the brush size. After watching the video of our factory and production, Mr. P was very satisfied. He wants to customize the door weather seal door brush strip of the size 1*1inch, 1/2*1/2inch. We quoted him and told him that our MOQ is 3000m. Mr. P accepted and asked if we could send him samples. After receiving our common size samples, Mr. P was very satisfied with the quality and decided to customize these two size of Self Adhesive Weather Strip Door Frame Brush with black wool. Now we are producing these two customized wool weather pile for him, and strive to let him get them as soon as possible. We can provide other different door sealing piles, Door Weather Strip for Interlock, Fined Weather Stripping. If you want to customized, welcome to send message to info@dasionbrush.com.

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  • Where to Buy Gutter Cleaner Tools

    Where to Buy Gutter Cleaner Tools

    September 18,2021.

    A few months ago,Mr. C found us said that he was looking for a product that would prevent roof gutters from being blocked,every autumn,local people have to climb the roof to clean the fallen leaves in the gutter, which is very troublesome. After learning about Mr. C’s need,we recommend our gutter leaf guards brush:They are simple to install, less maintenance, and can collect rainwater effectively. The Gutter cleaner tools can effectively separate fallen leaves during the fall.the Gutter Brush regular specifications as follow: Brush OD Brush Length 10cm 100cm 12cm 100cm 10cm 200cm 12cm 200cm 10cm 300cm 12cm 300cm 10cm 400cm 12cm 400cm Of course,we accept customized the size.and now we have a small amount of stock to provide samples. After hearing this, Mr. C decided to buy the sample first,we immediately sent the sample out, Recently, Mr. C found us again and decided to buy 1,000 pcs roof protection tools for local sales. If you also have this trouble, you might as well try this Roof Gutter Guard Brush.Looking forward to your mail:info@dasionbrush.com

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  • Where to Customized Suede and Nubuck Shoe Cleaning Brush?

    Where to Customized Suede and Nubuck Shoe Cleaning Brush?

    September 10,2021.

    Recently, a customer Miss. A who from Russian Federation send a message to us. Miss A wanted to customized the Black Suede and Nubuck Shoe Brush with different color. She found many suppliers, however none of them accept customized brush color. As a professional brush manufacturer, we can help her with customized color. Miss A was very happy for this news. We sent her pictures of the brushes with other color we had made. Miss A told us the color she wanted, and placed the order. After receiving the brushes, Miss A was very satisfied with the quality of our brush, and hoped to cooperate with us for a long time. In addition to accept customized color, we can also printed your logo on the brush handles. If you want customized the logo or handle of the suede cleaning brush, welcome send message to info@dasionbrush.com.

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