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  • How to get a Glasses Cleaning Brush?

    How to get a Glasses Cleaning Brush?

    October 23,2020.

    This week , Our sales Nina received an special inquiry from our cilent Ben. Ben is a customer who worked for glasses factory, they have long-term request of glasses cleaning brush. Ben told us , This time they plan to design a new kind of glasses cleaning brush that can save storage space , shipping cost and more easy to install. When they used order from other brush factory , they got  a total brush with shaft, it had been installed already. So when the pay the shipping cost is very expensive and have a large space to storage their stock in factory. Now we design a new brush for Ben's company, look , our brush is connect by some small cylinder brush , each brush can be connect, there have 2 holes at the end of plastic core. When we install the brush , we just need put brush one by one , and they can be connect very stable, also easy to package. When brush get scraped, the stainless steel shaft can be re-used. Customer only need order brush from us .That's also help save money . Old Design of Glasses Cleaning brush New Design When it finished install become a total brush Ben is very staify with our new design and now the brush sample had been finished , under testing it work very well. Here we have a video show how to install the brush , please take your time to have a look  :

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  • Where to Buy Koi Spawning Brush?

    Where to Buy Koi Spawning Brush?

    October 16,2020.

    Have you worried about where to buy Spawning Brush? Welcome to dasionbrush. We make the spawning brush for koi. Now, let me recommend our spawning brush for you. Usage: When koi be ready to spawn, they look for somewhere suitable to lay their eggs. In nature this will be plants, roots and filamentous algae. But most artificial koi ponds are devoid or short of these, so you need spawning brush to help fish spawn. Our spawning brushes are ideal tool when breeding your koi have no natural plant life to spawn on. Feature: Our Koi Spawning Brush made of very soft Polypropene to avoid damaging the fish. The outer diameter about the brush is 14cm. We also accept customized. You can customize the OD, length and so on. Lightweight and easy to cleaning. How to use: Place the brush just below the water surface. Remove when fish have spawned and then placed in a location with water that is about the same temperature of the pond. Keep separate pups until they are big enough. Our brush can also be used for other purposes, such as water filter brush, anti-bird brush, anti-rodent brush, gutter brush and so on. So if you are interested in our brush, feel free to contact us. This is our email: info@dasionbrush.com.

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  • Where to buy costomized Roller Brush?

    Where to buy costomized Roller Brush?

    October 16,2020.

    Recently We received an inquiry named Mr Malmygo from Russia,He need customized a Roller brush used for pills dedusting,then send us the brush picture and drawings,He said his brush is special and difficult to produce, he had searched many brush factories and all cannot make the brushes. Then we checked the drawing and found: *The brush total length is 430mm and 578mm. *This brush length of white wire starts from 2.5mm in the bottom of the cave and growth till 25mm at the top. *The brush length occupied by the white bristles of each arc is 43mm, and the brush length occupied by the blue bristles is 7mm. Our Technicist said If we only use punching machine and usual wire cutter- we can produce such brush only by hand but quality will be low. So they decied use new custom shearing tools,Then I told Malmygo we can produce his brush and our plan,he is very satisfied,Now the samples are in production. If you want to customized the brush to suitbel your machine you can come to DASION brush,we can give you a good plan and product.

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  • Where to buy Self-Suction Paint Roller Brush Tool?

    Where to buy Self-Suction Paint Roller Brush Tool?

    September 25,2020.

    Several days ago,we received an inquiry from Deniz Armand who is locted in Germany,He said he was looking for a good quality paint tools which is not a disposable one,then we recommend Dasion’s Self-Suction Paint Roller Brush Tool,and introduce it advantage for he. This paint brush is detachable,consist of brush head and pole,the brush Bristle material is cotton,the pole handle material is special PVC. The steps are also very simple: *Assemble the paint brush. *Just need Slide the pole to extract paint. *Pull the wrench to start painting. It doesn’t need to dip again because it has a 900ml reservoir tupe,so it won’t stain the clothes and floor.And this brush easy to remove and wash,can be reused after drying.The pole is telescopic pole so it’s stable and fast when painting. Traditional tools to paint the wall are easy to mess up the clothes and the roller brush is uneven and waste time and energy. This paint brush perfectly avoids these disadvantage.It’s not only save your time and money,but also it’s evenly when painting. After listening to our introduction, Mr Deniz thought this was the paint brush he wanted and immediately placed the order. If you need this one paint brush or you want to know more about this brush,you can feel free to contact us at info@dasionbrush.com.

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  • Where to customized Coil spiral brush? Welcome to Dasion brush

    Where to customized Coil spiral brush? Welcome to Dasion brush

    September 18,2020.

    Last week, we received an inquire about our wire coil spiral brush. The customer who comes from Britain wants to customized wire coil spiral brush to clean wire on wire drawing machine. He asked if we can make the brush spacing as tight as possible because the brush they used before can not clean their wire on drawing machine very well. Of course, we can and have send samples for him to check the quality already. This Friday, we received the feedback from customer and the product already passed the test. He then released a new order of 100pcs to us for the wire cleaning spiral coil brush. Except the inward coil spiral brush, we also have other kinds of spiral brush, such as Outward spiral coil brush, Single inverted brush. They can make with different brush wire material: nylon, brass, horse hair, stainless steel and so on for waxing, polishing,deburring and descaling purpose. So please don’t hesitate to contact us, if you want to customized spring coil brush for your own machines.

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  • Dasion’s Ski Wax Brush For Your Skis or Snowboard

    Dasion’s Ski Wax Brush For Your Skis or Snowboard

    September 4,2020.

    Are you still worrying about the stains and bad use of your skis? Dasion has two kind brushes for your skis. One is a hand held Ski Wax Brush, and the other is an electric Ski Wax Brush. They can be used for polishing and waxing to make your snowboard clean, flexible and easy to use. Hand-held ski brush bristles are made of wire,nylon and horse hair. 1. Brass wire Ski Wax Brush this brush can remove dirt and old wax from the skis before waxing 2. Nylon Snowboard Waxing Brush It is used to clean the residual wax left by the skis after waxing and dewaxing 3. Horsehair Ski Waxing Brush can wipe your skis after the waxing step is over, making your skis smoother and more delicate. and We have square and oval for your choice. If you feel the hand held Ski Wax Brush is hard and inconvenient, I’ll recommend our electric Ski Wax Brush.Our electric Ski Wax Brush consists of a plastic handle and brush. The brush bristles material has nylon horsehair or brass, the brush size we can provide  118/140/200mm, and the bristles diameter has 0.05/0.08/0.1mm. The plastic handle size has 118/185/200mm for your choice. High speed brushing your ski, help you save time, money and energy, get more time for skiing. If you have any other questions about our product ,Feel free to contact me through info@dasionbrush.com.

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