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  • Bamboo Dish Brush Manufacturer Near You!

    Bamboo Dish Brush Manufacturer Near You!

    March 18,2022.

    Last week, a customer from Holland send an inquiry for Kitchen Cleaning Bamboo Sisal Dish Brush with replacement Brush Head and Customized Box as Below Picture shows. Requirement is as below: 1. Eco-friendly bamboo dish brush handle 2. One sisal dish brush + two replacement sisal dish brush head 3. Printed box for each kit of kitchen cleaning pan pot brush 4. Amazon Bar code, DDP to Amazon Warehouse 5. 2000kits with logo Customer wants to see the eco dish brush with logo first before bulk order and we arranged free sample and designed the box for him at the same time. He Highly appreciate our quick response and arrangement for the Household Kitchen Cleaning Dish Washing Brush kit. Also for the freight requirement, we are able to offer DDP term directly to amazon warehouse by sea + express delivery, much faster than common sea shipping and cheaper than by air. This morning, I received the 50% deposit of the order and already arranged production.Hope customer likes it and sells good on Amazon. If you also want to customize your own brand kitchen cleaning dish brush kit, please send message to info@dasionbrush.com. We offer different combinations then.

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  • Find Wire Wheel Brush , Find Dasion Brush | Dasionbrush.com

    Find Wire Wheel Brush , Find Dasion Brush | Dasionbrush.com

    March 4,2022.

    Last month, our manager received an inquiry from South Africa for the metal surface wire polishing brush. Dasion brush as a industrail brush manufacture , we produce kinds of polishing brush , including wheel brush for Polishing Grinding Removing Rust.So we introduce there two kinds brushes for our cilent: 1.Brush size:Ø 120mm x 100mmlength, hole Ø 19 mm,wire thickness 0.3mm、0.15mm The shaft with key slot 6*6mm 2.Material: Brass , Stainless steel 3.Durable: Long lasting steel wires to minimize sparking and wire breakage. 4.Application: Can be used for wood sanding and wire drawing, polishing and texturing of metal and non-metal.Ideal shape for edge areas brushing, as rust, scale and paint.Suitable for light and medium cleaning jobs. Our cilent try to order 20ea as a try , and after use , they complain to us : Nina , your product is really durable, it had been worked for a long time , what we used buy can only working half an month , how can we order for next time. If you want to know more about our polishing wheel brush , feel freely to contact us by info@dasionbrush.com

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  • Where to Purchase Door Bottom Brush | Dasionbrush.com

    Where to Purchase Door Bottom Brush | Dasionbrush.com

    February 28,2022.

    Recently, DASION got an inquiry from Mr Asn Searching For Aluminum Door Bottom Brush. He searches on GOOGLE and find that we got exact the Same Aluminum holder with different colors as he need in our website. Specifications : 1 meters length, 20mm brush height Aluminum Holder with silver & Brown color 4 holes for installation Customized hang tag with customers ’logo DASION quote the price and arranged free shipping for him of the door sweep brushes. Mr Asn highly appreciate our quickly action and high quality of the brushes. Also he is surprised that we not only send the Door seal brush with aluminum file, but also provide some hot sale PVC Weather strip brush for him to compare. Just this Monday, after sometime negotiation, we received the 50% deposit for the confirmed 10,000 pieces Aluminum door sweep brush Mr Asn searching for and also 30% deposit for the 5000pcs New PVC weather seal. Production is already in process and will confirm the ultimate packge design with him before mass production. Hope Mr Asn and DASION will have a long term cooperation. If you are also looking for door seal strip brushes, you are welcome to contact us at info@dasionbrush.com. As a factory, we are confident to help solve your needs.

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  • Where to Customized Double-band Stainless Steel Spiral Brush?

    Where to Customized Double-band Stainless Steel Spiral Brush?

    January 21,2022.

    Recently, a customer from Mexico, Mr. T, send an inquiry to us. He want to customized double band spiral brush with stainless steel wire. The brushes are installed on a machine to deliver things. Mr. T told us they use spiral brush with steel wire before, but it wear out easily. So they want to make the brush with stainless steel wire. And he said he wanted brush with double band design, but there is little factory can do it. When we told Mr. T we can do brush with double design, he was very happy. After confirming the parameters, we make 3 spiral coil brush samples and send them to Mr.T. When Mr.T received the brush samples, he was satisfied with the samples. Now, he ask us to make 100pcs brushes for him this time. Making double band spiral coil brush is difficult than common spiral brush. And double band brushes have higher density bristles and longer life than common spiral brush. If you are looking for a brush manufacturer to customized double band spiral coil brush or double band strip brush, please feel free to send message to info@dasionbrush.com.

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  • Where to buy customized strip brush?

    Where to buy customized strip brush?

    January 21,2022.

    Mr.W is a purchaser of a machinery factory,They’re found the good quality strip brush manufacturer,Although they have bought some samples,the door seal brush not up to the standard. Mr.W told us because the machine is often used, the accessory strip brushes must be firm, and the weather strip suitable for the machine must be customized,we understood that Mr. W has very strict requirements on size and quality, we immediately production the samples then send to him. Half a month after he received the sample,he contact us again:”the sample is very good,fully meet our standards, we decided to buy 100 pieces again, and will return the order regularly later!” If you are also worried about finding a good custom brush manufacturer, welcome to DASION, we will be happy to answer your questions and look forward to your letter:info@dasionbrush.com

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  • Where to customized special shape strip brush?

    Where to customized special shape strip brush?

    November 24,2021.

    Recently,Dasion Brush has received inquiry about strip brush from Canada’s Tom,he want to customized a special door seal brush. Tom’s requirement is that the brush is shorter than the aluminum sleeve,he wants to install on the window,he said he had asked other manufacturers before but they said it would not be tight. Through the data he gave: strip brush length: 112cm, aluminum sleeve length: 120cm, and then discussed by our technical department,we can do it. Next, we sent him the finished samples, and he was very satisfied, so we started to produce bulk goods.When we quickly produced it and sent it out, Tom praised our service and packaging after receiving it, because in order to prevent the bristles from being damaged, we all use plywood to pack, which can ensure that the goods are intact after delivery. Usually our strip brush is widely applied in all kinds of automatic doors,revolving door, sliding door, the elevator on the seal, and dusting, prevent the dust into the inside, as well as large industrial machinery cleaning, glass edge grinding machine, agricultural water seal, wind turbines, combine the internal storage cover seal and article washing machine brush, the brush is indispensable to modern industrial equipment small accessories. If you also have any special customization requirements for the strip brush, welcome to Dasion Brush:info@dasionbrush.com.

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