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  • Dasion Supply Bicycel Chain Cleaning Brush

    Dasion Supply Bicycel Chain Cleaning Brush

    December 13,2019.

    Recently , we received an inquiry from Mr G who is located in France, he ask if we can make coil brush as his size request.Of cause we can , dasionbrush is a brush manufacture and do customized size brush. Mr G request coil brush used for bicycle chain cleaning, as we know there always have many dust and oil contamination after chain finished, now , our bicycle chain brush can solve this problem. ID:6mm OD:35mm Length per pcs:24mm This kind of brush is not only used for bicycle chain cleaning , also motorcycle chain, and rope polishing,  Nail polishing. Contact us if you have more application used this !

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  • Dasion Supply Electric Water Fed brush as New Product

    Dasion Supply Electric Water Fed brush as New Product

    November 27,2019.

    Last week, Our sales Nina received an inquiry from Mr. R, a customer from India, who needs an electric high-altitude cleaning brush to clean the glass of the hotel. According to the customer's demand,Nina recommends a Electric water fed brush which is currently selling well, as shown below picture: Electric water fed brush, specially designed for cleaning solar panels/Glass/advertising board. Double brush head, ensure large cleaning area (cleaning contact area is 80cm). Two brush rotation direction is opposite, effectively neutralizing rotational force, ensuring product stable. Brush head contains water outlets, when brush rotates, water will flow out. Handle is telescopic type, with electricity wire and water pipe inside. We provide three kinds handles: 3.5meter (1.5-3.5m), 5.5meter (1.7-5.5m), 7.5meter (2.1-7.5m). Water saving design, max flow is 180 liter/hour. Lightweight design, total weight of product is about 7 kg, handheld weight is just 2-3kg. Mr.R is very intrested in this brush , and happy to relase order to have a test. And Dasion also supply other type solar panel cleaning brush ,and 20-60ft soalr panel cleaning brush is also very hot sale now.It is not electric, also water fed, and widly used in soalr panel cleaning filed. Contact us for more solution of your panels.

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  • PVC Door Bottom Brush Seal

    PVC Door Bottom Brush Seal

    November 14,2019.

    Last week, one of our customer from Austrialia send an inquiry to us looking for the door bottom seal with PVC profile.and their quantities is so small with only 100pcs. But our sales manager send him our catalogue for the PVC strip brush immediately and explain the installation of the brush seal professionally. After checking the info we provide, customer confirmed the brush details as below: 1. 1 meters per piece brush 2. H type PVC file with 25mm brush height 3. PVC file with hole and screws for installation 4. high quality adhesive tape also 5. customized color papercard and polybag and the most surprised us is that he improves the quantities to 500pcs due to our profeesional service. we are very happy to see that customers are satisfied with our service and we will always focus on products quality and after sale service then. Of course, if you need brush seal with aluminum file, please kindly check our door seal strip brush for more info and you can send questions to info@dasionbrush.com for more details.

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  • Welcome Japanese Customer Mr K To Our Office

    Welcome Japanese Customer Mr K To Our Office

    November 8,2019.

    Earlier this week, our Japanese customer Mr K comes to our office for discussing details for solar panel brush orders. we pick him up in the airport at about 4pm and we start meeting one hour later when we arrived at our office.Mr koji is very hardworking and scrupulous. He discussed many technical problems with our engineer and asks if we can make a sample brush within the two days he stays in china.     After confirmed all the details, our engineer start manufacturing and we successfully show him the two samples the next day. He checked and measured very carefully and really satisfied with our quick and professional service.   Now samples are already on the way shipping to Japan, they will double check after receive them and thus mass production quantities will be confirmed. We- Dasion team are really happy to hear this and we are looking forward to long term business relationship.

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  • Dasion Make Egg Washing Machine brush for our cilent

    Dasion Make Egg Washing Machine brush for our cilent

    November 4,2019.

    Mr. B is our customer from Malaysia. He find the Egg Washing Brush produced by Dasion brush on Alibaba and was very interested. He planing to purchase 50 roller brushes for eggs washing for the machine. Our Sales Manager Nina confirmed the size of machine, the requirement of brush bristle, and the application of cleaning in detail. Finally, we customized this brush for Mr. B. Brush length:980mm Active Brush length:830mm Shaft OD:12.66mm Brush is high-low two kind bristle height, low is 15mm, high is 20mm Bristle Diameter:0.17mm Because the surface of the egg is very fragile, it’s different from potato peeling brush,Onion peeling brush, Jujube/Date cleaning brush,the bristles are request to protect the surface of the egg and to remove dirt effectively. Mr. B was very satisfied with our scheme and released the order. Now our brush samples have been confirmed and the bulk goods are in production. if you have further question about the cylindar brush for egg washing brush please kindly send email to our address:info@dasionbrush.com.

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  • DASION's New developed Mustache Dope Brush

    DASION's New developed Mustache Dope Brush

    October 31,2019.

    Recently,our R&D department just released a new type of drill pipe dope brush for easy application of thread compounds on mechanical seal connections. we start to search for suitable customers and write email to introduce the new product. Two days later after sending the email, I receive a message from a customer named George in Austrialia, telling me that he want our samples to check the quality first. I am real excited to hear that and arrange the shipping after he provide the shipping account.After about 4 days, George reply to me that he already receive the samples and very satisfied with our quality and prepare to buy 1000pcs at first as a small trial order; also he would like to send a sample of another similar mustache dope brush to me for check if we can do or not. Now, order has been already confirmed and the samples are on the way to our factory. If you have some needs of the horse hair moustache pipe dope brush, please kindly check the brush link and welcome to send message to info@dasionbrush.com.

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