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  • Car Wheel Cleaning Brush

    Car Wheel Cleaning Brush

    September 4,2020.

    Are you still worried about how to cleaning you car wheel? Keeping your tires clean extends the life of your tires. However, car wheels are difficult to clean when you washing your car. So how about try this kind of car wheel cleaning brushes set? The car wheel and rim cleaning brush set has three different brushes: long handle tire brush, short handle tire brush and special wheel brush. They have compact and durable nylon bristle. And the end of the bristle with special design can protect you car wheel. The long handle Car tire Cleaning brush with long handle, no bending, all-round cleaning, easy to clean. The short-handled Car tire wash brush, partial cleaning to remove stubborn stains of tires, more suitable for partial cleaning of tires. The Special Car wheel Hub brush, special metal wheel, and bright wheel effect. Specially washes the metal hub, effective cleaning of stubborn stain. The long handle Car tire brush and the short handle car tire brush can also cleaning the surface of your car. So why not choose this kind of car cleaning brush to cleaning your car. You can buy the brush set and buy only one kind of these three brushes. Dasion Brush also have other kind of car washing brushes. If you want to get more information, please kindly send message to info@dasionbrush.com.

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  • Dasion Provides Pest Control Seal Brush For you

    Dasion Provides Pest Control Seal Brush For you

    August 28,2020.

    Maybe you’re now facing the problems of your room’s Pest Control and do not clear of which kind of brush to choose. Today, DASION  will recommend a type of Pest Control Seal Strip Brush for you. The brushes provide a reliable seal against pests like birds, insects, and rodents while also providing cost savings on heating and cooling thanks to the additional temperature control they offer! Usually the strip brush material is nylon and PP because the nylon material has better abrasion resistance and the PP is Cost-effective. Of course, brush filaments has many different materials can be customized according to different environments or usage, such as sisal, nylon, wool, PP, stainless steel, etc. DASION can make Door Seal Brush,Industrial Strip Brush,Escalator Safety Brush etc. If you have any requirements or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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  • Drill Cleaning brush for bathroom & kitchen

    Drill Cleaning brush for bathroom & kitchen

    August 21,2020.

      After long time use,our bathroom and kitchen will get dirty,What should we do to clean them?Today let me introduce Dasion's electric drill brush for you。   The brush is generally available in four sizes, 2 inches, 3.5 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches (hollow,solid), and we assemble them with different spare parts like polishing pad, cleaning sponge to be a full drill brush set.They can not only clean tiles, but also clean your sofa, car, wheel, etc.   For white color with soft stiffness , it is suitable for furniture, carpet,chairs,glass and leather surface cleaning   For Yellow,green and blue color with medium stiffness, it is suitable for bathroom, bathtub,shower, tile and procelain cleaning   For  red color with stiff bristle, often used for outdoors siding brick cleaning    For Black color with ultra stiffness, we often recommend to clean Grills, the loose paint,furnaces. Also DASION Provides some spare parts like polishing pad, connector, flexible extension and cleaning sponge for you to achieve a efficient cleaning purpose! Welcome for your consultation!

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  • Dasion Get Booth of 127th Canton Fair on line show

    Dasion Get Booth of 127th Canton Fair on line show

    May 27,2020.

       Have you heard that the 127th Canton Fair will be held online in 2020?    Are you interested in looking forward to participating in this new form of exhibition with us?    From 6/15 to 6/24, the Dasion team will be with you in the live room of the 127th Canton Fair to show products, talk about materials, and release new products.    The main products that will appear in the live broadcast are: Shoe brush, Drill brush, Car washing brush, Kitchen cleaning brush, Bed brush, Corner brush, Bottle washing brush, and some other industrial brushes: Strip brush, Rolls Brush, Gutter brush, Abrasive brush, Sisal polishing brush ...    We will publish the link in the live broadcast room in the future, and look forward to your watching!

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  • Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

    Happy Chinese Lunar New Year!

    January 16,2020.

    Dear all DASION's customers and freinds, Thanks so much for your kind support in the past year and I am gald to tell that we will have a two weeks holiday of Chinese Lunar New Year from 18th,Jan to the beginning of Feb,1st,2020. Production will be closed with this period of time but sales services are still online .If you have any technical problems of products and any brush quotation needs, feel free to send message to our email or call us directly, we are always online for you. Also Wish you all a nice and great beginning in the new year! 

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  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    December 18,2019.

    Wish all our customers and friends Merry Christmas and A happy and harvest new year in 2020. Thank you all for support and cooperation in 2019 and hope we can build long term realtionship from now on. And let me introduce DASION BRUSH again for some new friends here. DASION BRUSH has been in the brush making field for more than 20 years . we are factory and have imported many advanced machine for manufacturing. our main product range are door seal brush, mudguard spray suppressant brush, data centre brush, vacuum cleaner seal brush ,solar panel cleaning rotating brush, egg washing machine brush, latex golves beading brush, ski wax brush, wooden sanding brush, shoe cleaning and shine brush kit, mustache dope brush ,drill brushes and ect. we are willing to design and customize products due to customers' actual usage. and in 2020, we are planning to attend some exhabition like the SNEC 2020 in shanghai, car wash exhabition in Beijing and Latex Gloves exhabition in Malaysia. Welcome to your visit and we are waiting for your consultation!

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