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Anilox Roller Cleaning brush

Brass Anilox Roller Cleaning brush

Steel Wire Anilox Roller Cleaning brush

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Anilox Roller Cleaning brush

The anilox roller is the core part of the printing press. It is responsible for transferring a certain amount of ink evenly to the printing plate.The anilox roller relies on holes to transfer coating. If the mesh holes are blocked, uniform and stable coating cannot be achieved. Therefore, we need to clean it everyday after work.

The main tool used for cleaning is the Anilox roller cleaning brush, which are mostly copper brush and steel brush.

There have two kind of anilox roller, cause they are different on the materials of surface.

Brass Anilox Roller Cleaning brush is used for cleaning Wire Anilox roller

Steel Wire Anilox Roller Cleaning brush is used for cleaning Ceramic anilox roller

Specifation as below:

  • Size:150*60*40mm
  • Base Material:Steel wire /Brass
  • Bristle Diameter:0.076mm/0.127mm
  • Anilox Roller Cleaning brushAnilox Roller CleanerAnilox Roller Cleaning Tools
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