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Dasion Make Egg Washing Machine brush for our cilent

Dasion Make Egg Washing Machine brush for our cilent

November 4,2019.

Mr. B is our customer from Malaysia. He find the Egg Washing Brush produced by Dasion brush on Alibaba and was very interested. He planing to purchase 50 roller brushes for eggs washing for the machine.

Our Sales Manager Nina confirmed the size of machine, the requirement of brush bristle, and the application of cleaning in detail. Finally, we customized this brush for Mr. B.

  • Brush length:980mm
  • Active Brush length:830mm
  • Shaft OD:12.66mm
  • Brush is high-low two kind bristle height, low is 15mm, high is 20mm
  • Bristle Diameter:0.17mm

Egg Cleaning Brush

Egg Cleaning Machine Brush

Because the surface of the egg is very fragile, it’s different from potato peeling brush,Onion peeling brush, Jujube/Date cleaning brush,the bristles are request to protect the surface of the egg and to remove dirt effectively.

Mr. B was very satisfied with our scheme and released the order. Now our brush samples have been confirmed and the bulk goods are in production.

if you have further question about the cylindar brush for egg washing brush please kindly send email to our address:info@dasionbrush.com.

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