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Dasion Supply Electric Water Fed brush as New Product

Dasion Supply Electric Water Fed brush as New Product

November 27,2019.

Last week, Our sales Nina received an inquiry from Mr. R, a customer from India, who needs an electric high-altitude cleaning brush to clean the glass of the hotel.

According to the customer's demand,Nina recommends a Electric water fed brush which is currently selling well, as shown below picture:

Electric Water Fed brush

Electric water fed brush, specially designed for cleaning solar panels/Glass/advertising board.

  • Double brush head, ensure large cleaning area (cleaning contact area is 80cm).
  • Two brush rotation direction is opposite, effectively neutralizing rotational force, ensuring product stable.
  • Brush head contains water outlets, when brush rotates, water will flow out.
  • Handle is telescopic type, with electricity wire and water pipe inside.
  • We provide three kinds handles: 3.5meter (1.5-3.5m), 5.5meter (1.7-5.5m), 7.5meter (2.1-7.5m).
  • Water saving design, max flow is 180 liter/hour.
  • Lightweight design, total weight of product is about 7 kg, handheld weight is just 2-3kg.

Solar Panel Cleaning brush

Mr.R is very intrested in this brush , and happy to relase order to have a test.

And Dasion also supply other type solar panel cleaning brush ,and 20-60ft soalr panel cleaning brush is also very hot sale now.It is not electric, also water fed, and widly used in soalr panel cleaning filed.

Contact us for more solution of your panels.

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