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Heavy Duty Thread Compounds Dope Brush

DASION owns the original Tooling of this brush!!!
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    3001 - 10000/$4.8
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    1000 - 3000/$5
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    500 - 999/$5.5
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    shanghai, ningbo
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Heavy Duty Thread Compounds Dope Brush

Dope brushes are specially engineered to allow uniform application of bulk compounds.DASION dope brushes are designed to withstand rough conditions, which makes it suitable for harsh environments.

  • Angled handle for ease of application of both box and pin
  • Strong thick handle that allows easy application of bulk products.
  • Non-abrasive Tampico Firm Fiber head

mustache dope brush
horse hair dope brush

Also, DASION provides another Horse Hair Mustache Dope Brush and we own the original tooling. Brush is of higher quality than others on the market. Please click below link to check then: https://www.dasionbrush.com/industrial-moustache-pipe-dope-brush_p94.html 

Or contact our whatsapp:+86 181 55156975, send message to : info@dasionbrush.com

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