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Where to buy Pond Filter Brush? Find in DASION BRUSH

Where to buy Pond Filter Brush? Find in DASION BRUSH

July 3,2020.

Several days ago, a customer who has cooperated with us for over 3 years complains about the pond filter brush with our sales manager. They want a new shape ring core which will be much easier for install and also they want a more effective filtration brush system. so they call us to see if we can provide solutions.

After checking with our engineer, we release a new filter media brush as below shows.


1. the cross-shaped polypropylene bristle ,can absorb dirts with a much larger area,more effective for filtration

2. Plastic ring core for easier installation

3. stainless steel core for long lifetime

Koi Pond Filter Media Brush

We already send two cartons of about 100pcs for hime to test and we highly recommend him to put only 50-80 pcs per square meter as he already have the medcial pre-filtration system.

Garden Koi Filter Media Brush

Also if you still have other questions, check below and send message to us.

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