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Where to Choose Door Seal Brush?

Where to Choose Door Seal Brush?

December 15,2020.

Recently, a customer from Morocco send us an inquiry about door seal brush and door seal rubber with PVC holder.

As a professional strip brush manufacturer, we have the PVC door seal brush and door seal rubber for him.

I recommend him the two products.

About the PVC door seal strip brush, the brush length is 1m, the bristle height is 20mm, and the PVC holder height is 22mm.

As for the PVC door seal rubber, the brush length is also 1m, the rubber height is 18mm, and the PVC holder height is also 22mm.

Door Seal Brush StripDoor Seal Rubber

Then, the customer worried about how to install the PVC door bottom seal brush and rubber. In fact, it is easy to install our door rubber seal and door brush seal. We supply two ways for installation, we can make the drill hole on the PVC holder, so that you can use screw to fix. Also we supply self-adhesive tape.

Pvc Holder Door Seal With Screw HoleSelf-adhensive Door Seal

And about the PVC holder, we have two colors, brown and white. Our customer choose the brown color.

Now, I'm getting the goods ready for my Morocco customer.

We also have door seal brush strip for sliding door, garage door,roller door and so on.

Welcome to contact us to get more information. info@dasionbrush.com

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