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Where to Customized Self-adhesive Strip Brush Pile?

Where to Customized Self-adhesive Strip Brush Pile?

September 18,2021.

A few weeks ago, a American customer Mr. P, who from a company that provides building maintenance services contacted us and said that they needed to customize Self-adhesive Weather Pile.

Window Pile Seal Film Door BrushHairy Seal Brush Pile

We provide different sizes of Self-adhesive door draught excluder brush, such as 7*8mm, 7*12cm, 7*23mm, 9*9mm, 9*15mm, 9*23mm and more. We can also customize the brush size.

After watching the video of our factory and production, Mr. P was very satisfied.

He wants to customize the door weather seal door brush strip of the size 1*1inch, 1/2*1/2inch.

We quoted him and told him that our MOQ is 3000m. Mr. P accepted and asked if we could send him samples.

After receiving our common size samples, Mr. P was very satisfied with the quality and decided to customize these two size of Self Adhesive Weather Strip Door Frame Brush with black wool.

Now we are producing these two customized wool weather pile for him, and strive to let him get them as soon as possible.

Window Sliding Door Weather StripDoor Draught Excluder with Fin

We can provide other different door sealing piles, Door Weather Strip for Interlock, Fined Weather Stripping. If you want to customized, welcome to send message to info@dasionbrush.com.

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